Saturday, November 29, 2008


It was dark, sometimes grey,
It was full of thorns astray.
Yet i hoped
On a sunshine day
Of moonbeams rippling with rainy sway
Of unfelt joys
And in unsaid tears
Of a beating heart
With thousand cares.
To me hope mattered
But it battered me, too.
Hope showed me a path
And it shattered it too.
Yet with all my life
I love Hope
To keep me dreaming
And living...

Friday, November 28, 2008

In their world

They said dreams spoilt me,
They said dreams made me
Feel what I am--falsely strong!
Dreams are but figments
Of a fevered brain,
Mirages, waste of time!
They felt dreams give me
The smile I crave for,
The moments I live for.
The solace I breathe in.
My dreams disturbed them,
So time and again
They are shattered.
They are crushed by me
To move forward
In their world.
I move on, but
Still my Dreams follow me
Or is it that I cannot stop
Following the fragments?