Monday, December 8, 2008


The way took a U-turn and came back
The silence and the ice broke,
There were deep breaths to be taken,
Although nobody gasped for it.

There were words, of promises that were broken,
Of love that was long forsaken,
Of the days ahead—some more promises
That may be broken
In the days to come.

There were some lashing looks, tears
And some tight embraces now and then,
There were two hearts
Meeting after a long time,
Only to part again.

Could you hear me
When I was away,
Out in the sunshine,
Shouting out my joy?

Could you see me
When I was away,
Tasting the silky drizzle
That dazzled me?

Could you know me
When amidst your passion,
I left it aside and ran
To get wet?

Could you recognize me
After the northward wind
Touched my heart
With its magic wand?

Could you feel me
When I was silent,
Drunk with the joy
After reaching my ‘doom’?!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Conversation

A blazing heat,
A volcanic eruption,
All searing the brain
That is now clogged by a pool of tears.

A blast within the ear
Charred the heart
And paralyzed the brain
To think.

A conversation it was
That took place between the two
One trying to make the other understand
What is cooperation and coexistence!